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Email marketing is a major part of any company’s marketing strategy. But, it is only deemed successful by the number of subscribers who open and interact with the email your company sends. Although companies put a lot of thought into their email marketing strategies, they don’t pay as much attention when it comes to email validation.

Email validation is often overlooked but is the most important tool for companies that communicate with their customers via email. To put it simply, email validation is the process of checking if an email address is still valid and deliverable.

When you have dead-end email accounts in your client list, you end up not only wasting money on them, but you risk your company’s reputation as well. The higher the bounce rate your emails have, the more chance they have of making it to the spam list of your audience. This will only hinder your ability to identify and nurture leads and turn them into sales.

Reduce your bounce rate

People often delete their email addresses or provide you with a fake one just to avoid being spammed. Email validation tools can help you know which emails in your database are invalid and are likely to bounce. This will ensure that your email delivery rate is higher, thus resulting in the success of your email marketing campaign.

Gather useful leads

Many companies rely on the email information gathered at the point of sale or from a mobile device. People can make typos when entering verifying information via mobiles, which will only be discovered when your emails bounce back. Using real-time email validation on these emails ensures that the captured emails are working addresses. This improves data quality and the number of people who will actually receive your emails.

Avoid spam traps

Email validation is a good way to avoid spam traps. Spam traps are emails that are no longer active but are still being monitored. If you send an email to any of these accounts, your business emails will be marked as spam. This is not good for your marketing strategies or for your company’s reputation.

Save money and improve ROI

The biggest advantage you can get from email validation is the amount of money you can save through reduced marketing costs. Every email that you send costs money, so for every email that is not delivered to the correct address, it’s just money down the drain.

With a validated list of emails, your campaign stats will be higher than before, reporting an overall higher return on investments. With these better numbers, you can confidently start putting more money into email marketing campaigns.

Collect actionable data insights

An inaccurate email list will never be able to provide you with actionable data insights that can pave the way for your future customer engagement strategies or content themes. Email validation will let you know who your active customers are and how many others have used your company’s services or products in the past. This, along with many other insights can provide ideas on how best to segment your email marketing strategies.

Enhance company reputation

If your bounce rate increases, email providers will start banning your company emails from their services, which will put your reputation as a business on the line. When a lot of your emails are rejected and bounced back, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will send your company emails into the spam folder of its customers. Nobody wants to be a spammer. This is where email validation will help you build a strong reputation with your Internet service provider and target audience.

While all of us want to maintain our emails properly, the reality remains that many marketing subscriptions keep falling through the cracks. Your subscribers will not remember to report their change of email address to you. This is where BounceKick will help you!

BounceKick is a simple and fast email verifier application that you can install inside your own infrastructure. With a one time fee use it for life with your own privacy of data. BounceKick team help to install the application on your own infrastructure and gives you support and updates with yearly update charge.

So, let BounceKick enable you to reduce the risks, enhance your business reputation and capitalize your leads better. Contact us to get an unbelievable promo offer and get a cracking!

  • Bouncekick is a premium email validation tool. However, I would like to add that there are more than 25+ email validation tools to choose from.

  • George Allerton

    Email validation is of great use while dealing with high volume email data. DeBounce is an alternative to Bouncekick with highly competitive pricing. Also, DeBounce offers free email validation API that can be integrated with web forms with just one click.

  • Thats an amazing piece of information. Also, here is the complete list of leading 15+ email validation tools to worth consider for business needs.

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