Never let your customers skip your email, send SMS notification.

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At the point when utilizing a marketing automation platform like MaaxMarket, businesses or agency have a tendency to accept that they can just draw in lead/prospects by means of email or on the social stage. This is valid as a rule, yet prospects are directly before you at site, and it’s a prime chance to assemble information. By having your lead telephone number, you can draw in with them on a SMS and build up an association.

We have included SMS (text) messaging feature in MaaxMarket from two SMS provider called Twilio and BhashSMS. Twilio is a cloud correspondences organization situated in San Francisco, California. Our clients now can pick among Twilio and BhashSMS to send individual or mass instant messages straightforwardly from MaaxMarket.

To enable SMS feature in MaaxMarket go to “Settings -> Integration” and select the appropriate SMS provider to integrate and give the credentials to connect with provider.

Twilio SMS Blog

When you have assembled lead data, you can utilize SMS informing through MaaxMarket to make a one of a kind affair. You could even utilize SMS cautions to tell them about your rebate advancement for the product or services.

When someone submit a online form on your site, we can utilize a Automation workflow to add them to a predefined list and send welcome SMS. Likewise, You can then furnish leads with data that will give them a one of a kind ordeal and make them feel like a genuine part of the group.

SMS Automation SMS Confi Page

To send more personalized SMS to your targeted audience you can use the placeholder in the text content.

SMS placeholder

All these amazing features at an affordable price point for small business at just $29 / month. Get started for a 15 day free trial at

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Shiju Devaraj is the Director of Customer Service for Maax Market Inc, a company that provides Marketing Automation tool for businesses. He has a very good customer focus experience, technical knowledge and interest in learning new technology. He has been in the product based company for more than 8+ years and specialized in customer engagement.

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