We are glad to announce the latest release of MaaxMarket that packs a whole set of new features. Among many interesting updates, there is one feature that stands apart. Ability to automatically follow up with leads and customers through #email and #social-media.

Most of the current marketing automation platforms uses email as the only customer follow-up mechanism. Traditionally many sales follow-ups are typically done through email. This is a great way to begin a conversation. But subsequent follow ups through emails are not only boring for customers but typically they tend to be ignored. Research shows that a multi-channel follow ups through various other channels like Facebook and Twitter increases sales by over 87%.

MaaxMarket is the one of the first few companies that allows personalized communication through both email and social media platforms.

Watch a quick video below

Let’s say that your sales team is currently following up with customers through email. Only a very few customers respond back immediately to those emails. In order to increase the efficiency of follow ups, you can create a simple automation that allows automated messages through Twitter and Facebook for those who didn’t respond to emails. This way you increase the probability of customers responding to your messages.
In order to use the multi-channel sales follow-up, you need to be using the MaaxMarket’s web form integration that automatically collects the Facebook and Twitter authentication from the users in order to send personalized messages to them from your company. This way you can only send messages to those customers who opt-in to receive messages through social media.

All these amazing features at an affordable price point for small business at just $10 / month. Get started for a 30 day free trial at www.maaxmarket.com/pricing