We are excited to announce the latest release of MaaxMarket with all new features that will equip your small business to compete effectively against your enterprise counterparts

Here’s top 5 reasons on why your business should use MaaxMarket

1) No need for a big marketing team to execute your digital campaigns

Our Artificial Intelligence engine ALBY is equivalent to 100 marketing managers and our system effectively replaces the need for a large marketing team. The AI is capable of analyzing your marketing data and auto execute campaigns based on its machine learning algorithms to get you more sales

2) No need to buy a large set of marketing tools

MaaxMarket comes with built-in email marketing, social media marketing and website visitor tracking and analytics tool. It also has in-built collaboration tools and marketing calendar and everything is available in an easy to use platform. Our pricing is inclusive of all these tools put together.

3) Get more leads and close more sales

MaaxMarket comes with industry’s first closed loop analytics. Not only our social media marketing tool helps you to get more new visitors and leads, our Email Marketing and Artificial Intelligence engine connects to your CRM and understands how leads are converting to Sales. Equipped with this data, the system is now calibrated to get your business more sales and more leads organically.

4) Website visitor tracking and analytics

Analyze the heat map of your website and perform A/B testing to understand which content is best designed to convert more visitors to leads. Not only you will get to see who is actually on your website but you can also check their previous visiting history to understand your customer’s online behaviour

5) Effective pricing and 24 x 7 free support

Our product is designed for your small business and we know how important the business is for you. We have created pricing that starts at just $10 / month with no long term commitment or contract. We also offer 24 x 7 free support through phone / email / chat and remote session. This can’t get more friendly than this.

On top of the above reasons, we have now made a new release that takes our social media marketing to the next level. You can now effectively compose message across multiple social media channels and schedule them based on your requirement. You can upload images / links to your social media messages and send it across your facebook and twitter followers
Social Media


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