Welcome to the age of machine learning & Personalization. Forrester research says Personalization can improve sales by over 87%. You are in a hyper competitive business. You are spending huge amount of money in marketing dollars and bringing visitors to your site. Only a fraction of them convert as leads. Only a fraction of leads converts as customers. How do you track which marketing channel gave you the best ROI? How will you improve the ROI? There are thousands of data points that need to be computed and considered. This is where our product MaaxMarket kicks in.

MaaxMarket uses ‘Personalization, Machine Learning and Recursive Neural Networks’ technologies to deliver smarter, more personal and multi-channel shopping experiences

With MaaxMarket you can personalize web pages, push notifications, e-mails to increase user engagement and conversions. Our machine learning algorithms combined with intelligence and flexibility of ‘Personalization Technology’ helps deliver relevant and timely offer for customers.

How MaaxMarket can attract new visitors

Personalized Landing Pages for Email Campaigns

Let’s say there is a customer named John receiving your email campaign that contains a range of different products. Now John clicks on ‘Camera’ in that email which catches his attention. Using our personalization engine, you can personalize landing pages automatically to show similar and complementary products related to ‘Camera’

VIP Customer detection through Lead Scoring

Our Lead Scoring technique is different from traditional lead scoring algorithms. We use machine learning to score the leads rather than configuring ‘Lead Scoring’ manually like other marketing automation platforms. While we do have manual Lead Scoring options,  that is only till the machine is trained to analyze important customers based on past customers online behavior and pattern. Once the machine has been trained and deployed, it will start scoring Leads automatically based on thousands of data points. For example, Susan visits your website through a specific marketing channel. Our Lead Scoring algorithm predicts that Susan will potentially be a VIP customer and you can offer instant live chat opportunity with best sales representative to increase chances of conversion.

How MaaxMarket can engage returning customers

Personalized Product offerings for returning customers

Kelvin has bought some products from your website or from your company previously. He even browsed for few other products. With the help of our personalization engine, you can send a personalized push message from your website to Kelvin few other products that he might be interested in based on his previous search data that he will likely purchase.

Offering intelligent product catalog

David is a regular customer for your E-Commerce shopping site. Based on his past orders and preferences, you can personalize and rank the menu items that he is going to order. This will also help greatly with mobile user experience with limited single column layouts

How MaaxMarket can nudge your customers to buy more and thereby increase sales

Upsell Opportunities in shopping cart

Let’s say Jenna is buying a laptop from your online store and added that item in the shopping cart, now our Personalization engine predicts that he will probably needs some accessories for his laptops like Bluetooth speakers and headset etc… and shows these items during the checkout process thereby increasing the total order value

Personalized low stock alert for popular items

Jennifer is a frequent buyer of restaurant deals on your group buying site. A certain number of restaurant deals reach their availability limit every day. Using the Personalization engine and its “whitelisting” feature, you can selectively offer personalized low stock alerts to Jennifer for deals that she probably likes but are running low in stock. This intelligent low stock alert leads to higher conversions for time sensitive customers such as Jennifer.

How MaaxMarket can retain churning customers

Abandonment Followup

Patrick has added a book to his shopping cart; he then left your site without making a purchase. With our personalization engine, you can predict what other books he may like if he’s interested in the book in his cart. You send him an email reminder about the book that remains in his cart along with some other book suggestions

Personalized Discount Offer
You have a new batch of discount coupons for the upcoming season: “Free Shipping”, “25% Off Sportswear”, “10% Off Shoes” and “$10 off if you spend $50” etc. With MaaxMarket, you can personalize the offer to each customer based on the predicted preferences for different coupons. You may also want to offer greater discounts to new visitors who are predicted to be less likely to buy anything on your site unless there is a discount.

Excited to try a free 30 days demo?  Please shoot an email to sales@maaxmarket.com or signup for a BETA testing account on http://www.maaxmarket.com