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What is Lead Intelligence?

Lead Intelligence is fast proving to be a useful tool for organizations of all types and sizes for increasing their customer base, sales and revenue. Sales people are seen to spend a good amount of time focusing on lead generation, appointment preparation, and try convert sales leads to clients or customers. However, there are some major challenges that most of the organizations and sales people tend to face. This is the information availed with regards to the lead is just a mere name including an email address and nothing else.

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People visiting different online sites are generally noticed to provide complete personal information when asked by the sites during surveys or when requesting valuable feedbacksfrom them. Hence, the visitor information submitted in the web form is usually incomplete. Such lead information is not likely to help the organization much to move ahead. In case, the organization is trying to rely upon such lead types to nurture it to become clients, and then they are definitely missing out on something crucial. It is necessary to have the key information pertaining to the site visitor to know more about them and to subsequently generate more business.

Importance of lead intelligence

Lead intelligence when used can help in locating maximum information about the lead such as social profiles, first name, last name, etc. Marketing automation tools such as MaaxMarket will be used for following the lead in different social media circles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. With limited information being offered by the visitors, it will be really helpful for every business to get additional intelligence pertaining to the leads. They can be:

  1. A website page that the lead has viewed
  2. Emails received by the lead from the organization
  3. Sites and social media profiles visited by the lead
  4. Notifications with the return of the lead to the site
  5. Mentions of the organization made by the lead in social media
  6. Notifications as key pages of the company website (like services or pricing) is visited by the lead
  7. In case, this information type is found to be useful and helpful by the organization while researching leads, then what is necessary immediately is lead intelligence.

More about lead intelligence

Before discussing on why lead intelligence is required by organizations and sales people, it is equally necessary to have a better understanding about the same.

Lead intelligence is actually using information from different sources like social media, website analytics, CRM for collecting additional information pertaining to the leads. Using this information can help the organization to gain more knowledge about the lead. It also helps them to make the correct strategies to follow up with them.

Using smarter technology

Using the information gained from lead intelligence, it is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that it is able to sift easily and use it wisely. Automation software such as MaaxMarket can help to develop sophisticated workflows to help create alerts, as leads view through specific pages. In this manner, there is no need to keep any track of this information, be it an Excel spreadsheet or offline. This automation tool performs the tough task on behalf of the organization and to help them to access easily the valuable information.


Simple workflow to capture leads first name, last name, company & social media accounts

using Lead Intelligence in MaaxMarket


One major challenge which is faced by sales organizations these days from the technology point of view is that information is not being used always across the organization through the CRM. The need to have this information leveraged across the organization might not be felt by the organization. However, individual sales people might want to refer to lead intelligence with time. On collection of lead intelligence, there is a need to ensure that it is available to witness any new activity or brush upon on any lead.

Knowing which information is relevant!

Sales people do require plenty of information for making successful conversions and to generate revenue for the business. Hence, it becomes crucial to know which information can help them to become more intelligent. At the same time, it is equally necessary to know which information can prove to be a simple distraction.


Lead profile screen in MaaxMarket

One major information that the person should seek to uncover is to the information that can be added to the CRM or the database. Also, it would be useful to have better knowledge about the lead or the specific requirements and how can the best solutions be provided to them. Below are given few examples on the information type that sales people and organizations can find it to be useful.

What kind of actions have been taken by the leads on the company site (like pages viewed, the blogs read by them).

What kind of actions the leads have already taken with the company (what type of emails they have received, what is downloaded by them).

Intelligence pertaining to the interests of the leads and the problems that they require solutions for can be provided by this information. In case, the lead is browsing through blogs pertaining to a particular product and visits the specific pricing page, then the entrepreneur can have a better idea that the lead is interested in it. This is not required to be revealed to the lead unnecessarily during sales process. However, this information can be used wisely to direct questions at the lead and to use the correct approach to follow up.

A crucial takeaway that every organization can enjoy gathering fresh and depth intelligence about the leads is that some time is to be spent trying to implement the process correctly. Also, it is possible to get maximum benefits by using the leading marketing automation software like MaaxMarket. The lead intelligence gathered is sure to be worth the investment and try. The organization can indeed make the most of it and be ahead of its competitors! Signup today and try it for free.

Happy Marketing!

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