Send Contact Form 7Gravity Forms, or Ninja Forms Submissions to the MaaxMarket email list.

To capture and send the forms detail to MaaxMarket, you need to install two dependent WordPress plugins. Let’s begin with plugin installation.

WordPress Plugin Installation

  1. Download the Forms: 3rd-Party Integration, install and activate it.
  2. Now, install and activate another plugin, Forms: 3rd-Party Xml Post.

Plugin Configuration

1. You can now find “3rdparty Services” menu under your Contact form sidebar menu and click the same.

2. In this page, let’s leave the global configuration as it is.

3. Configure the Service.

  • Service Name: MaaxMarket
  • Submission URL (API Endpoint):
  • Please select the “Submit as Post” option.
  • Select the desired form to send their submissions to MaaxMarket.

3. Configure the X Post.

  • Post service format: Form
  • Root Element(s): It should be empty (Important!)
  • Post Headers: maaxmarketapikey={{YOUR_API_KEY}}.  You can find your account original API key from MaaxMarket -> Settings-> API page.

3. Configure the Mapping.

  • When you select the desired form in the service section then it will automatically pull the form fields here. Don’t change anything on “Form Submission Field”.
  • Let’s provide MaaxMarket’s API parameter in the “3rd-Party Field” against each “Form Submission Field”. If you don’t want to send any specific form field detail to MaaxMarket then leave blank in the “3rd-Party Field” against the particular “Form Submission Field”
  • You can find the list of supported MaaxMarket API parameters for contact creation here.
  • Commonly used parameters are,
    • contact_email (Mandatory)
    • first_name
    • last_name
    • list_id – This will move the specific contact to the appropriate list. You can find the ‘LIST ID’ from MaaxMarket -> Lists page.
  • To mention the “list_id” value, please check the “Is Value?” checkbox and then give the “LIST ID” value in the “Form Submission Field” as given in the image below.

4. Save the configuration. That’s it. Your contact submission will be automatically pushed to MaaxMarket’s email list and then you can setup drip emails.

5. If you want to continue the same process for another form, then repeat the same process by adding another service in the same page.

Note: Mostly, our native form integration method works flawlessly. Sometimes, the WordPress form plugins like “Contact Form 7” will not be compatible with MaaxMarket’s native integration. At this time, please follow this steps.