Website Analytics will be a tool for track your realtime visitors and will let you know which portion of your website can be focussed and more.. Currently we have a list of options you can view with simple integration.

Overview: This will tell you realtime visitors count. It will show you total visits, actions per visit, bounce rate and average time on site for a particular period of time with a graphical overview.

Relatime Map: This will show you realtime visitors currently visiting and previously visited your website with differentiation in colours with green as live visitors and yellow visited already.

Visitor Log: Visitor log will show you the recent visitors with the actions they have done in your website, their IP, Provider, type (Returning or New visitor), referrer, pages he has visited, etc.,  and when you click the visitor profile of each visitor, it will tell you the clear description for how long he/she has been visiting your website, how much time has been spent on website, etc., These all details will be useful for the right person to find out who is interested in your website, service or product.

Pages: It will show the the list of pages which has more page views in top to least in the bottom.

Locations: This will show you the geographical location of your website visited globally.

Browsers: This will show you the type of browsers which people are using to visit your website. And by analyzing that you can standardise the website design compatible to the browser which is mostly used.

Operating System: This will show you the type of operating system being used by your visitors.

Devices: This will show you the type of devices being used by your visitors to visit your website.

Referrers: Backlinks, referral websites, etc. are listed here according to the number of times they have referred your website.

Keywords: Keywords people use to find you are listed in this section

Search Engines: Type of search engine people are using to find you can be seen here. This will be helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your websites.

Websites: This will show your referring websites.

Social Networks: Various social media like facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc., redirections to your website can be seen in this section.