Web Analytics tool in MaaxMarket will help you to do a micro analysis of real-time visitors and track them. On left to your dashboard you can find Web analytics section. Once you have clicked it you add or manage your websites listed by clicking Add  or Manage   (In manage you can delete the websites, those you don’t want)

After clicking Add, you will be asking for filling site information Site Name and Site URL (For Example: http://www.sitename.com)


And click Add Site   for adding it. Then you will be able to find the website name in the list. Select the website name and then click on “Get Tracking Code”  on top right. Once you have clicked it you will be getting a script which you have to copy and paste in all your headers in your website or even you can e-mail it directly from MaaxMarket to your developer by typing his/her e-mail ID.