To post your social messages on multiple accounts , Just click on Camapigns and select Social Media  which takes you to social media page

where you can find various social media platforms available on your top left side of your page you could find Compose. By clicking on compose button will make a pop-up panel displays the post that you need to be shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

In “what do you want to share” text field compose the message that you want to share and select the account to which the social message to be posted. Here you can select multiple accounts that you want to share your social message. Or if you want to share a webpage just copy the URL that you want to share and paste the link in Link section. If you want to share an image just click on image icon and just drag and drop the image from your local device that will show you the image preview. After completing the post message that you want to share by clicking Share Later or Share Now. Share now will send the post immediately on all social platforms and Share LaterWill share the post on the respected interval for Ex: specific time or date., the message should be posted. And thus how one can post a social media post on multiple accounts.