To create and send E-mail Campaign, click on the “Campaign” section on left hand side of the dashboard. In that select “E-mail” and follow the steps below.

 Step 1: Click on “Create Campaign”   on top right corner.

 Step 2: Fill the Campaign Details “Campaign Name”, “Description” and “Type of Campaign and click “Next” on top right corner. Note:- For normal newsletter or HTML design select Regular Campaign in type of campaign.

Step 3: Just click in the field and select single or multiple lists of leads to whom you need to send the campaign and click “Next” on top right corner.

Step 4: In design section, you can choose any template and start editing it or use previously designed template or design your own template or even copy paste your HTML design and edit.

Step 5: After done with your design, you can send a test mail to a particular email ID and check the look, feel and clicks in your template. And once it is done click next.

Step 6: In setup, you can fill the Sender Name, Sender email ID and Subject (Also can be personalized) and click send now or send later by selecting the time.

Step 7: Please check if all options are ticked and click send now to trigger the campaign.