Social Media Marketing

Create and send Social media Campaign?

Once you integrated your social media accounts you can send a campaign by just clicking “Compose”  on top left inside the Social Media Section under Campaigns. Campaign for social media can be of three types Message or Text Link Sharing Image Sharing Once you have selected the type of campaign and added content into it. […]

How do I see Facebook analytics

To see your facebook analytics for your facebook page make sure that you have already connected your facebook page with MaaxMarket Application. If you have already connected your page just on your dashboard go to Campaigns menu and select social media which takes you to social media page. Now click on the particular page for […]

How to post social messages in multiple accounts

To post your social messages on multiple accounts , Just click on Camapigns and select Social Media  which takes you to social media page where you can find various social media platforms available on your top left side of your page you could find Compose. By clicking on compose button will make a pop-up panel […]

How to connect Social media accounts

To integrate social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter Linkedin, etc., Click on the Campaigns section on left to the dashboard and from the options below click social media. Then click the the social media account which you want to integrate with MaaxMarket. For example: if your connecting twitter, click on twitter and authorize the app. […]