Email Marketing

How many Emails I can send Per month?

You are allowed to send an email about 4 times of contacts per month. For example, If your plan allows you to add about 10,000 contacts then you are allowed to send 4×10,000 = 40,000 emails per month.

Advanced Drag & Drop Email Builder

We know that creating the email is the painful process in email marketing cycle. Businesses need help from designers and programmers to create stunning emails who have experience in HTML and CSS. It’s not an easy task for small business owners or marketers. To make the email creation process simple, we have introduced advanced drag and drop […]

How to send personalized email campaign

Sending a personalization e-mail will definitely make the person to open and read the email. Using MaaxMarket you can personalize from deriving the parameters by just typing has tag in the composing section in email.   And also you can set a personalized subject by providing few codes for the parameters in the subject line […]

How to design email template

To design your email template in your dashboard click assets   and then click email which takes you to the email template page  where you can find “create new template”   just click on that will show you the pre-defined templates. Now click on “Create your own” button  and make necessary changes needed to design […]

How to create email campaign

To create and send E-mail Campaign, click on the “Campaign” section on left hand side of the dashboard. In that select “E-mail” and follow the steps below.  Step 1: Click on “Create Campaign”   on top right corner.  Step 2: Fill the Campaign Details “Campaign Name”, “Description” and “Type of Campaign and click “Next” on top […]