Five Hacks to Increase the Cold Emails Response Rate

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5 Hacks to Increase the cold email response rate

Five Hacks to Increase the Cold Emails Response Rate

Among one of the tested and most applied methods in the marketing world for generating leads is sending a cold email. It is a common sales technique approached by every other sales person in order to enhance business leads, generating a line of cold emails per day. As opposed to the ease and simplicity of sending a cold email, generating targeted business leads from such emails is essentially quite difficult. On an average, every person receives 10 to 15 cold marketing emails per day, but the question that lies boldly is that how many of them are actually opened.

The experts who are generating an extensive percentage of business prospects with a high-end cold email campaign, whose design generate effectively compelling and impactful responses for the business. There are companies known to have achieved 50% lift in profitable response from the cold email campaign. However, the trick is to gain the right perspective of business and approaching the market with the right orientation.

  1. Effective multi-diversity campaign structure
  2. Intense and careful research of targeted audience
  3. Impending “call to attention” tone in email
  4. Direct, impactful and enticing subject line to readily grab attention

Study of Targeted Prospects

You could drive your leads from thousands of sources. However, how many in that contact list may be relevant to you is the prime question to be thought upon. Instead of targeting on quantity, potential success lies within targeting quality instead. Social media circles, business social profile sources like LinkedIn can be a great source to fetch relevant clients.

  1. 52% open rate
  2. 29% active response
  3. 5 to 6 % conversion rate

This can essentially be achieved only when you can target potential prospects and not just any XYZ person who does not relate or link with your product in any way.

Analyzing Prospect Psychology

The essential fact is that you don’t want your emails to look spammy. Most people target in generating the massive bulk of cold email from marketing automation tools expecting to get few responses out the bulk emails dispatched. But it is an impactful approach that scintillates the psychological mindset of a prospect. Instead of bumping on with complete product description, range, pricing etc of your business or product, appeal the need of your prospected client. Engross the attention of prospects by directly involving their relative problems and offering the right solution to them. Inducing empathic moves with approaching lines like “Evolve as the Hero of your team” etc, can appeal the emotion of your prospect. You need to remember that more than B2B indulgences you are interacting with individuals thus evoke their emotions.

E-Mail marketing tool

Interest Articulating Subject Lines

When you are sending bulk cold emails you may know your targeted leads type but every lead is different. Attracting the attention of leads is not easy. Therefore, using good marketing automation software and with a little bit of homework, you can achieve a great result.

  1. Use distinctive multiple subject lines instead of a single line. Choose few attractive lines and alternate those while you dispatch emails.
  2. Trim down your subject line. No one has the entire day for you to read dramatic long lines. Remember that most of the sales emails are deleted within 3.2 seconds. So you have seconds to nail the attention of your receiver and invoke accurate curiosity. Limit your subject line to 50 to 60 characters, eliminating unnecessary words.
  3. Choose the interaction tone carefully, business, conversational, casual or bold.
  4. A/B testing before choosing those first impression lines can be ideal in settling down for the best lines for your targets.
  5. Use Personalization tags or Emoji in Email subject line.

Impressive Email Copy

A digging subject line with a drooping subject body is absolutely wastage of effort. With an effective subject line, the copy of the mail should equally be impressive and relevant to your target so as to generate proper conversion rate at the end of the day.

  1. It is best not to indulge in selling motif in your first mail.
  2. Rather pinpoint the problems faced by your prospects.
  3. Instead of decking your mail with technical terms and jargons, use simple yet effective words to explain.

Call to Action (CTA)

It always depends on the prospect if he/she wants to respond to emails. Offering the space to decide and not pressurizing the prospect is the way how you can run a generous business. This means you release the pressure of responding to your mail from your prospect.

  • Try focussing on a single CTA in your mail rather than pouncing on several CTA from time to time in your mail. It gives a spam like feel.
  • Keep your CTA short and crisp. Use simple language yet effective tone.
  • Keep the friction level of your approach low. Offer space to make a decision out of interest and curiosity rather than verbal pressure.

The last but not least essential factor behind increasing cold emails response rate is to follow up with your leads. Try using marketing automation to evaluate multiple options of subject lines, personalization, CTA etc to find out the effectiveness of your cold email design.

It is equally essential to evaluate the engagement rates of your cold emails like the response rate, clicks, web visits, opens etc. Maintaining proper follow-up emails ensures generating proper prospects in time. It is important to add value in terms of information, data and solution for problems of your lead to engross them better instead of sending same emails over and over again. You can also keep an option of opting out of your communications so to get a filtered lead, with better chances of conversion in future. Therefore, strategize your cold mail promotions with the help of proper analytic approaches, lead analysis, target oriented mail copy designing, and value-added propositions and marketing automation software for best results.


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