Drag and Drop Email Editor

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MaaxMarket has upgraded with amazing email template editing tool with its Marketing Automation

Drag and Drop Email Editor

When you hear the word Marketing Automation, it is obvious for a marketing professional to expect artificial intelligence, social media management, email campaign, web analytics, Lead generation, etc., to be included in a single hub, MaaxMarket is one such Marketing automation platform which has expertise tools inbuilt in it.

Advancement in technology has enhanced the content quality and appearance. And this is created expectations in the minds of viewers/audience whom we reach out. They decide on purchases looking into the quality of the product showcased or picturized. Since traditional times, marketing and sales are directly proportional to the way the product has packed which determines the quality of the product.

In digital trend, certainly such quality is expected and people tend to open and click on emails, social images which has a good picture and design. Considering this and user-friendly interface in mind MaaxMarket has introduced an awesome email template editing tool in email campaign section. It has three major features which include


Use any of the supported merge tags in your email to send the email more personal.

Drag and Drop Email Editor

Free Stock Photos:-

Search free high-quality images for your campaigns from more than 500,000 stock photos.

Drag and Drop Email Editor


Inline Image Editing:-

Edit your image right from your editor and make them perfect for your campaign.

Drag and Drop Email Editor

“Technical team at MaaxMarket has zeal towards creating a platform that would satisfy all marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, etc., this email template editor is one such small feature which would gain drastic results in your marketing campaigns,” says Thileepan Sivanandham, CTO & founder at MaaxMarket Inc.

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Shiju Devaraj is the Director of Customer Service for Maax Market Inc, a company that provides Marketing Automation tool for businesses. He has a very good customer focus experience, technical knowledge and interest in learning new technology. He has been in the product based company for more than 8+ years and specialized in customer engagement.

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