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The marketing landscape has had phenomenal changes in the last decade. The staggering amount of information on the internet has whittled down people’s attention span to eight seconds, forcing marketers to innovate ways to capture the attention of their website visitors and keep it long enough for them to act on their needs.

Web forms are important tools that help you collect customer information which eventually turns into sales leads. They can be used for anything from collecting your customers’ emails to taking orders directly on your site. You don’t have to make drastic changes in order to achieve the success you want. You can get that just by adding the tiniest of improvements to your work on a daily basis. You will be glad to know that there are plenty of ways you can make improvements in your website forms.

You must already have a form on your website that is generating some leads. What is the percentage of visitors who actually submit their info in your web forms? Not as much as you would like, is it?

Here are simple but efficient ways through which you can increase your submissions.

Place the form above the fold

Make the form readily available without making the user scroll down to find it. The best place for a form is the upper right-hand corner of your landing page. You can also add visual directional cues nudging your visitors to sign up, like an arrow pointing to the form.

You can use a simple opt-in form so people won’t be as reluctant as they are when faced with too many field to fill in.”

Minimize fields

The biggest complaint from website visitors is that there are way too many fields to fill. We live in an age where the protection of personal information is absolutely paramount. So, don’t ask anything that is not absolutely critical to your sales process. The industry standard is 3 to 5 fields, while all you really need is just an email address.

Give better value for information

If you expect your visitors to take the time and fill out their information, you should be providing them with something valuable in exchange. Give out information that will be useful to your customer bases, such as ebooks, product catalogs or infographics. A strong CTA is also the key when you’re trying to pull your visitors in. It will nudge your visitors to go ahead and get whatever you are offering.

Make the form mobile compatible

I can’t stress the importance of mobile-friendly web forms enough. You may not be able to optimize certain forms, such as a form with 10 fields asking your visitor to sign up for a demo. But, you can optimize smaller forms that require less information from your customers such as a ‘Request Quote’ form.

Support autofill

You can increase the volume and quality of your web form submissions just by supporting autofill in them. Allowing visitors to fill out a form by linking their social media profile gives them less to type and removes the chance of them giving you wrong information.

Eliminate typing whenever possible

People are generally lazy and would be looking to do as little as possible to get something they may need. Leverage this laziness and incorporate radio buttons when there are only limited possibilities for an answer. This is a great way of getting your visitors engaged. Using radio buttons also make it possible for you to get a lot more information out of your customers without overwhelming them.

Clearly, state what the error is

When a visitor provides the wrong information or has left out a mandatory field, instead of just asking the visitor to retype the info, make sure the text area contains a clear message as to what went wrong. Clearly highlight the errors and also make sure that the form does not reset itself. Having to start from scratch may put your visitor off and they may not attempt to fill the form again.

Both static and dynamic forms can accomplish your need to interact with your website visitors. It’s noteworthy that static web forms are being replaced by dynamic web forms for better customer interaction and increase in overall website productivity. Whether you use static or dynamic forms on your landing page, the best design and placement will be the ones to win you the customer information you want.

MaaxMarket allows you to capture form submissions from existing forms (Either static/dynamic web forms) on your website or landing pages like a magic. And send automated personal followups to the contacts that captured from tracked forms using simple Automation Setup. To know more watch this video.

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