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The main goal of any business is to grow revenue faster and build a well-recognized brand name. The best way to achieve this goal is to engage with customers through effective marketing done through emails, SMS, push notifications, social media and other such platforms. These tasks can be monotonous and tedious for a person, and that is when marketing tools came into play. We have a separate tool to send bulk emails, SMS, pushes and we have tools for social media as well.

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What if there was one platform that can do all of this and more?!

MaaxMarket is a single platform that helps you market via emails and social media with ease and -efficiency using top-grade marketing automation tools.

What MaaxMarket Offers:

  1. It collects accurate web and email analytics to help you track the conversion rate of your marketing efforts.
  2. It also has effective third party integration options with a rest API.
  3. Inbuilt Online Live Chat feature helps to engage with leads in real time
  4. With its personalization algorithms, you can build a stronger customer base by sending personalized emails to target customers only.
  5. MaaxMarket matches all leads in real-time and creates automated follow-ups for them.
  6. It helps improve the customer experience online, making them more likely to buy, stay loyal and become advocates for your brand.

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MaaxMarket works alongside your website and e-commerce system ensuring a seamless workflow to give you a complete picture of customer behavior.

Now reduce your workload while increasing your business revenue! Signup for a 15 days free trial here and send email campaigns for free.

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Shiju Devaraj is the Director of Customer Service for Maax Market Inc, a company that provides Marketing Automation tool for businesses. He has a very good customer focus experience, technical knowledge and interest in learning new technology. He has been in the product based company for more than 8+ years and specialized in customer engagement.

About MaaxMarket

We are a cloud based marketing automation and personalization platform designed for businesses to automate marketing and increase sales

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