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7 Things to Do Before Launching Your First Marketing Campaign

Every company, big or small, needs good quality marketing in order to reach out to its customers. Here are seven things to do before launching your first marketing campaign:

1.Create Customer Personas

In order to engage potential customers with your marketing campaign, you need to understand who they are and what makes them tick. Draw up a number of buyer personas. These will represent the different customer groups you’re trying to connect with. Think about their demographics, their hobbies, and their values. You also need to determine where you’re likely to find them – do they visit particular websites or read a particular publication? Customer personas can help to hone your marketing campaign and make it much more effective.

2.Research your Competitors

Your competitor’s branding and advertising campaigns can provide useful inspiration when developing your own. Industry leaders will have a lot of money behind their market research and their advertising strategy, meaning that you would do well to take notes on the tone and style they employ. Equally, you want to develop your own brand persona. Understanding the competition helps you to see how you can stand out from the crowd and really make an impression on your audience.

3.Create a Stellar Website

Chances are your marketing material will direct potential customers to your website. This is the place where they can find out more about your products or services and get a better look at your brand. A poorly designed or ill-functioning website gives off a very bad first impression to a visitor. Maximise your chance of conversion by creating a stellar website before you launch your marketing campaign.

4.Consider Different Forms of Marketing

In a digital world, a marketing campaign rarely means putting a few ads in the daily newspapers. Banner ads do exist online but their worth is debatable. Internet users are becoming more resistant to traditional forms of advertising. It may be that content in the form of blog posts or a social media presence may be more effective. Also consider native advertising, influencer advertising, email and retargeting when deciding upon the form your marketing campaign should take.

5.Decide on Your Campaign Goals

You’ll spend a fair bit of money on a marketing campaign. In order to judge how well that money has been spent, you need to identify campaign goals. It may be that you want to drive sales, increase website traffic or just raise brand awareness. For each goal you choose, you also need to work out how you plan to assess your achievements. This will help you to determine your ROI (Return on Investment).

6.Assemble a Team

To really make an impact with your marketing campaign, you need great copy and excellent visuals. If you don’t have the skills yourself to create the advertising content you require, get some specialists on board. These days it’s really easy to find freelance writers and designers online. With a detailed brief, they can help your marketing campaign ideas come to life.

7.Create a Schedule

If your marketing campaign is time sensitive – for instance, you want to release it in time for a particular holiday or season – you need to create a campaign schedule. A schedule should incorporate all of the points listed above. It’s also a good idea to appoint someone within your company to take control of the campaign and ensure everyone is on track for the final campaign deadline.

A great marketing campaign will engage your customers and help you to achieve business objectives. Whether you’re including a direct call to action or just want to introduce your brand to the masses, the way you approach your first marketing campaign will have a big impact on its success.

Guest Author: Rachel Jackson – Rachel is a mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves to hike and write about traveling, education, and business. She is a Senior Content Manager at NYBizDb – an online resource for relevant business information.

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