5 Digital Marketing Ideas You Should Consider in 2017

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5 Digital Marketing Ideas You Should Consider in 2017


5 Digital Marketing Ideas You Should Consider in 2017

Digital marketing started out as a novel idea but quickly became the norm. As the years passed, more tools have become available to make digital marketing more effective. Some of these tools have largely changed the way that brands are able to digitally market. Crackdowns and restrictions imposed by certain platforms are looking to cut down a number of marketing efforts that could be deemed as spam, which inadvertently affects the way that marketers have to operate.

  1. Adopt an Influencer

Influencers are huge right now. When you work with an influencer, you’re taking a prominent personality in your niche and allowing that individual to interact with your audience. The influencer will gain followers from you, and you’ll gain followers from the influencer. It’s a great way to facilitate dual exposure. Make sure you thoroughly vet influencers and develop a professional relationship with them before you allow them to take over your social media accounts or create content that promotes your product.

  1. Create an App

If you don’t have an app yet, it’s time to get one. The right app will actually provide value to your customers. It may be a traditional e-commerce app or even an educational app that your audience will find useful while providing you with an opportunity to expand your branding efforts.

  1. Start-Automating

Automating extends to more than just marketing, but it will certainly help you in the marketing arena. Marketing automation will allow you to get more done in less time. If you’re looking to increase productivity this year, turning over some of the duties to software or using tools that optimize the process will free up your team to handle other aspects of the business. How great would it be to complete your entire daily marketing checklist and still have time to handle a large amount of customer service? Automation makes it possible.

  1. Improve Your SEO Strategy

Google is constantly changing their algorithms, and this is of the utmost importance to brands who use blogs for digital marketing. The right SEO will help you expand your audience via organic search – and the potential for expansion is huge. One of the best things you can do to improve your SEO is making sure your blog and website are mobile friendly. Since such a significant portion of internet users access content via their mobile devices, sites that have not yet been optimized will never take the top spots in Google’s rankings. They want everyone to have a great experience regardless of the device they’re using. Don’t you?

  1. Strengthen Social Media Customer Service

You can market until the cows come home, but if your service is lacking, the customers are going to scurry off somewhere else. Now more than ever, the modern customer prefers to have easy access to the help they need. They don’t want to send an email and wait in a queue. They don’t want to make a phone call and sit around on hold. They want to leave you a comment or send out a Tweet and get the answers they need. If you’ve optimized the rest of your digital marketing process, you can free up enough of your social media team to provide the service your customers are looking for.

As a takeaway, you’ll want to remember that your digital marketing campaign will always work better if you consider your preferred strategies while you’re designing it. Your strategy and your material should work simultaneously to create the biggest impact, and you need to make sure they can firmly hold hands.


Guest Post: Author – Amber Brunning :- As part of the team at Uphours.com, Amber often writes about small business and female entrepreneurs. When not working, you can find her online chatting with her friends or reading industry blogs.

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