It had been neglected by prior owner. It is an acrylic based stain, which means that it is best applied with a natural bristle paintbrush. Pressure treated pine Can you tell me the best stain for our deck: Most decks need to be re-stained every two to five years, depending on the product and whether the deck is exposed to direct sun a lot. It’s a water-based, synthetic resin, semi-transparent stain made with high-quality resins that bond firmly to the wood. Mold or Mildew Issues: some near door and in corners Feel free to ask what are “the best deck stains for my deck”? Deck Location State: TN See Review Article Here: Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain Review. 5) fast to rot and color fade Foggy in Summer, Never very hot. Garbage. Brand new wood. It Rained Shortly After Staining. Wood Type : Cedar Location: Indiana Thinking about going with Armstrong Clark ,any comments?? Make Sure to Include Answers to the 5 Questions. Hot humid Charleston, South Carolina -My husband rebuilt our deck six months ago. The reason for Previous Stain Failure: New deck, it has weathered for 3 months (hot, with lots of sun) The product package contains three long-handled paint brushes that are ideal for varnish, mixed, and oil-based coats. Though I thought I’d be getting deck replaced sooner and thus stained in the Fall, I am now thinking that Spring or even Summer would be wiser. I live in Quebec Canada near Montreal and have sun in the afternoon, House in southwest CT. Siding (rain screen) and decks made using Philippine mahogany. 1.State-Colorado Current Prep: Sanded off majority of previous coating. (The above photo looks acceptable!). UGH!!!!!!! See this for tips: Armstrong Clark Deck and Wood Stain Wood Type: Cedar No more time to treat deck. My question is where would the TWP 200 series lie in this list or would it even make the list as we cannot get the TWP 100 series in Canada (and this is what I previously used). We personally use the Defy Extreme on about 30-50 deck restorations every year in the Midwest and is one of our go-to brands. You can wait until Spring. Previous stain: Pittsburgh Paints Ultra Advanced Stain and Sealant Semi-Transparent acrylic oil formula cedar color. Freeze/thaw will expand and contract the wood resulting in the stain “bond” with the wood cells to fail. Try the Restore a Deck Stains or Armstrong Clark Stains. See Review Article Here: Defy Extreme Stain Review. Use the RAD stripper with both additives: Location: North Dakota Wait until Spring and Clean and Brighten with the RAD products. Would like ideas on what is best to put on deck. 2.Full sun in AM but has a porch roof over all of the deck. Oh do I need to remove all my metal balusters before applying sealer? Shade AM Full Sun PM Pressure treated wood. If you are still looking for the best deck stains to buy, you can look no further. Best Cedartone Color-Retaining Deck Stain. Try TWP 100 Series after you remove the current coating fully: Deck Location: Minnesota Many brands say to not use them. Wood Type: new redwood Homeowners are always looking for an alternative to a deck replacement. The website interviewed one expert and over 100 consumers. See here for the top stains:, TWP 100 Pro Series Wood and Deck Stain Review 2020. A quality oil- or water-based wood stain adds a premium finish that lasts for years. Now I need to oil it. It snowed next day. Reason previous stain failed: it was very faded of after the first winter and the first full summer gone in high traffic around the pool in front of sliding door Thanks for the advice! I would like to stain my 10 year old composite deck. I am having my deck rebuilt with pine pressure treated wood, 2in thick rather than usual deck boards. This will break down the stain while causing the wood to oxidize (turn gray). Main entrance stairs. Semi-transparent, Transparent, and Semi-Solids will show the grain of the wood to some extent. *AM shade with afternood full sun Adding a picture or two of the current condition will help! I hired a power wash company. Full sun AM until mid afternoon; shade rest of day It’s a great stain … Any suggestions of product will be greatly appreciated. Wood Type: Redwood – Or Cedar North Georgia mountains Wood Type: Cedar SuperDeck certainly isn't the greatest deck stain on the market, but the waterborne stain has lasted where I have used the product, including my own deck and for my painting business. Additionally I need to comply with the color requirement of a “sandstone” color. Look at Armstrong Clark after the wait and prep. Deck Stains are either Oil-Based or Water-Based. Thanks. No mold or mildew concerns Try TWP 100 Series or Restore A Deck Stains. I really appreciate your help. Here are some photos.Also, how do you discern how... Disclaimer Can I clean, brighten Dry over night and apply damp after 1 day? And thank you for performing this service, it is much appreciated. Dried Blotchy and Peeled after first Winter. Semi-solid Chestnut brown. Consumer Star Ratings:  4.5/5 (38) I removed all the deck boards, planed them down to remove the stain, then reinstalled them and sanded them. We have updated our original article by including answers to some of the most popular questions that we receive. Two-year-old pressure treated wood decks never stained just use Scott’s cleaner with Oxy clean looks a little bleached don’t plan to use a Brightner and plan to use a pole sander with 80 grit so which stain do I need Restore-A-Deck Solid Color Deck Stain Review, 3. Going to place my order now. Here is Gail’s deck in central MA. When you use this formula on your decks, you get the unbelievable shine that adds the … Choose the product that’s the right solution for your environmental conditions and wood. Reason for Previous Failure: Peeling off large pieces after 1 year. Exposure: Full sun Previous stain: Cabot semi transparent not positive what the exact one was. Pressure treated pine Previous Coating? Top 3 Best Solid Deck Stain Reviews 1. Use Amber by AC. I live in NE TN and my deck gets full sun all day long. In sun about 4 day shaded. *no mold/mildew If there is, you will need to remove it before applying a stain. Before and after pics, Use one of these brands: Previous Coating? Partial shade on deck and post full sun. Here are some of the more popular answers to the most common questions: This is the top question by far that we have gotten on 1). Good for new and unstained surfaces. some marine fog year round) Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain is an advanced, water-based, semi-transparent stain formulation designed to penetrate deep into wood pores for maximum protection and longevity. Best Deck Prep? Reason stain failed: I think it is because it is an awful stain that is an acrylic formula. As their name implies, clear sealers are nonpigmented finishes. 4) have mold issues Stain with Restore A Deck Stain or TWP 1500 Series. 2. Compliant for all US states and Canada. Reno NV, 5000′ elevation, deck is on the south side…sun, wind, snow and ice. Or would Restore-A-Deck semi transparent (offered in Cottage Gray) be a suitable choice? This incredible semi-translucent oil finish shows off the natural beauty of wood grains while protecting high-traffic outdoor surfaces. North Florida-on the coast in the Panhandle of Florida. Can’t do this amount of sanding and stripping again. Thompson’s Water Seal Transparent Stain #4. We have had a wetter Spring Season than normal and seem to be cooling down at night earlier this year. Both are formulated to seal out the elements. Try Restore A Deck Stains or Defy Extreme. Is there a reliable method to determine if stain will penetrate well? Best Dock Stains reviews and buying guides: The list with the top Dock Stains in 2021. TWP 100 Pro Series Semi-Transparent Review, 2. Previous Coating: NA, See here: Deck Location State: California (Los Angeles) Thanks for reply, we also have a deck at different place but it’s new deck built a year ago with the following Has not been stained yet will clean and brighten This is first and foremost a help site from our experience as wood restoration contractors. How would you rate Sherwin Williams semi transparent stains, Not very well: Does it feed mold? Do this by using a, New Decks (less than a year) are treated differently than older decks (more than 1 year). 3.Wood-Redwood Stains can be applied at 50+ degrees. Bad prep is the number one reason stains prematurely fail! Can it wait until next Spring as it has suddenly gotten cooler (mid 60’s to mid 70’s by day 50’s to 60’s at night) and the wind brings lots of pine needles and dry leaves to the deck each day or should we do it immediately before it gets too cold? New decking-10 months old. We would suggest a penetrating stain semi-transparent or semi-solid stain that does well with UV protection and fades evenly over time. Hi.. Our deck had been power washed and about 40 boards replaced rotting boards. One of the best deck stain sealers for pressure-treated wood, with Ready Seals Wood Stain and Sealer, you will observe a fine enhancement of texture of the wood. Reason for previous stain failure – I think I likely applied too much product and it didn’t penetrate as much as it should have. Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved. If so, can you recommend a stain that will maintain/restore the bleached gray color? Clean and brighten the wood with Restore A Deck Prep Kits. Best Deck Stain Reviews. Full Curing EPA Registered Stain. See Review Article Here: Restore-A-Deck Solid Stains. Once that is done, look at TWP 100 Series or Armstrong Clark. Can I shorten the time by using a moisture measure and go ahead with the stain when it reaches the desirable moisture? Works well on a dry, free of dirt, and loose surface. Mold Mildew : A Little Mildew In Different Areas Boards are various ages, generally in very good condition. Messmers UV plus? I don’t think I want a stain w added color. Review (On a Scale of 1-10): 8.625 See this about. Thanks in advance. Deck Location State: Utah When it comes to working both as a stain and sealer, there’s no product that can rival this one. The reason for Previous Stain Failure: No major issues, just need to re-do after two years We purchased it in 2019 from the original owner (dock is over 25 years old). I have a large 12 year old Cumaru deck that I’m restoring. Top 10 Best Deck Stains of 2020 – Reviews. Brown base. Deck is pine and cedar railings. Getting the best results starts with a clean deck. Deck on roof. Winner: Best Water-Based Deck Stain #2. An adequately maintained cedar deck can last you for several decades. Full Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade: Deck on South side of home. The reason for Previous Stain Failure: New never had any Should I use a stain specifically formulated for hardwood on the decks? If selecting a Deck Resurface Stain, keep in mind that most users have had a bad experience with products from Home Depot and Lowes. Clean, Strip, or Sand the…, This post was most recently updated on July 22nd, 2020. Lighter Pigmented stains that are Transparent, Semi-Transparent, or Semi-solid will have less UV protection than Darker Pigmented stains in the same transparency. follow up question: would philippine mahogany be considered a hard wood, is the usual stain suitable or would we be better off with a stain formulated for hardwood? Also, do we need to clean and use wood brightener before applying a finish? There is no shade for this deck. My front and back porch are wood. Never treated. This makes the reapplication process much easier. Stain Type: Penetrating Semi-Transparent Oil-Based. VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Laws come into effect for different parts of the country as well. After the power wash, do we need to still go to the full extent of stripping before applying the new stain, or would cleaning be sufficient? Clean, Strip, or Sand the Deck? Wood Type: PT soft wood, probably pine , What stain do you recommend. What to do? Suggestions for a clear / transparent sealer? Consumer Star Ratings:  4.1/5 (49) I also have a front porch that is heavily trafficked that sits on the ground that needs restained. Or given that it has been 8 years, would the original stain be mostly gone at this point? That is why make sure to use the best deck stains and sealers, and your deck will lastfor years in an outstanding condition where you are stress-free and enjoying deck-full moments. Looking at staining brand new siding for a spa/hot tub. I have a roof deck. 5.Failure-Just needs cleaning and restaining Shop Transparent Stains ... ready seal flood cwf deck stain fence stain oil based exterior wood stains gray exterior wood stains. Other half three years old with Olympic Elite Advanced Stain and Sealant in one. Take in consideration that wood and deck stain results may differ due to prepping procedures, different wood types, exposure to UV radiation, natural weathering, etc. This will help us determine the proper prep and overall condition of your deck, leading to better performance. Shop products with the best ratings based on our customer reviews. Of course this wet and dry but after a deck brightener. TWP 1500 Series Semi-Transparent Review, 6. Restore-A-Deck Semi-Transparent Stain Review, 5. The deck has never been stained because I wasn’t aware that it could be stained. If so brand name and type of stain (Transparent, Semi-transparent, Semi-solid, Solid Stain): Not sure. location:Pacifica California (SF Bay area. Stain with the Restore A Deck Stain after or Armstrong Clark. See here for tips: Compliant for all US states and Canada. (verticals). Full Curing Stain. And one more question, the horizontal decks are made of a true hardwood (mahogany, as opposed to meranti for the vertical siding). Cold and wet weather here usually starts early November. Doesn’t look as good as I described. Live in humid NC with many trees. Does timber oil feed mold? Wood Type: Cedar It is on the north side of our home with the west side shaded by a wall. 1. (North Central Missouri) See Review Article Here: TWP 100 Series Review. We then thought the next stain we prefer to put on might be solid, especially if it offers more flexibility in applying over the existing stain. Wood Type: Cedar You cannot shorten the time so Spring is probably your best option. mold/mildew: not present but possible It is the overall best deck stain and sealer, especially if you are working with cedar. Stain Type: Penetrating Semi-Transparent Water-Based. AM Full Sun PM Shade Mold Mildew :No My plan is to use restore a deck cleaner and brightener.. Would love to use semi-transparent but think I may need to go with a solid strain because of the decks many issues. Other: Mold has been a problem on the north side. I note that most hardwood stains do not offer a gray color. View in gallery. I’m looking to keep the oiled color close to what the deck looks like wet. Filming Deck Stains that dry on top of the wood can be harder to remove and/or reapply as they are more prone to peeling, wear, flaking, etc. Water, snow, and ice will cause damage to the wood by breaking down the exposed cell structure. Previous Coating – not sure brand, think it has 2 coats of a semi-transparent I am an older single female. 6.Previous-Sherwin Williams Deckscapes. Mold issues – not really but my previous stain did turn darker after a year. Snow covered in winter. Location: NW Pennsylvania Btw I am located in northeast Illinois and we’ve had great weather for this project. Nashville, TN. Spring is here and it is time for homeowners to consider the best deck paint so they can spruce up their decks, and provide the ultimate in protection to their deck materials.Deck paint does enhance the beauty of the wood, but it also protects the wood from heat, rain, and the effects of the sun. Timber oil? Consumer Star Ratings:  4.5/5 (38) Armstrong Clark or Restore a Deck Stains. Mold- mildew..not really. The reason for Previous Stain Failure: Dried Blotchy and Peeled after first Winter. Restore A Deck Stains or Armstrong Clark Stains. It is 3 x 4 so I would probably use one of the two stains you recommend for the back deck. Mold/mildew: Not really maybe a little by patio door entrance Previous Coating? Stain Type: Penetrating Transparent, Semi-Transparent, Semi-Solid Oil-Based. 3. Challenge is it is a vacation home and weather must be perfect to time cleaning, dry time, staining during our visits. Whether you’re looking for the best semi-transparent deck stains, oil-based or water-based, … Valspar Semi-Solid Deck Stain #5. Wood Type – Redwood No mold or mildew, Also for new wood on your stain suggestion would I stain one or two coats Can I at least get the rough-sawn features sealed before winter? Will stain new cedar rails and existing pine deck. Full Sun in Afternoon Wood type: Pine (not pre-treated) Hopeful I don’t loose my window live in Pennsylvania and we are between 45 and 50 at night here and there sees to be getting cold quick this year. The reason for Previous Stain Failure: this is a first-time new stain. We were told timber oil is the least amount of work and it is great for protecting wood. The Best Deck Stain and Sealer Reviews. Full Sun, Partial Shade, Full Shade: Full Sun all day North Eastern Montana Coming up on a year. 5 year old deck never treated A better way to approach this common question is to ask, “what is the best stain for my deck and its environment?” A wood deck stain that performs well in humid South Carolina does not mean it will perform well in the snowy Midwest states. If so brand name and type of stain (Transparent, Semi-transparent, Semi-solid, Solid Stain): never stained. I might have to go with a solid stain for the railing and pickets and may be able to get by with a semi- transparent or opaque? Stain with Armstrong Clark or TWP 1500 Series for your area. *has been stripped, brightened, sanded and one coat of Ben Moore transparent(water based) I never want acrylic again. Previous Coating: Sikkens Semi-Transparent, BACK DECK Clean a dull surface with soap and water to maintain it. 6 Best Deck Stains – Reviews #1. Wood Type: pine Thank you, See here about new wood. I have just built a cedar cover deck. Would like to use a clear stain for the redwood and a good durable sealer. Previous Coating: Behr Deckover (I believe this product has been discontinued for the peeling issue) Both composites and wood should be clean and dry before you start. 2) full sun The stain on most of the shed is surprising still in tact and in decent shape. Deck picture to go with question of pressure treated deck (ground contact). Thanks. Previous Coating? 3 years later- black mold everywhere on banisters spindles, under deck etc., Any rationale for reapplying Cabot bleaching oil as a stain? Amteco TWP Cedartone VOC Stain is a low-VOC exterior stain that’s great for renewing and refreshing exterior wood surfaces on decks, wood siding, shutters, fences, porch decking, wood shingles, shakes and fascia. Thanks for your time. Exposure: Full Sun Need a recommendation for an unique application:, specifically a large outdoor plant shelf: Location: Southern California Knowing how to stain wood is good, but choosing the appropriate stain is going to be complementary to having an effective staining experience. Reason Previous Failure: Peeling After First Year May I receive suggestions on which stain to use on my deck? Just post a comment below and make sure to include the answer to the 6 questions. Also what Product would you recommend to use on it? Clear sealers without any pigment/color will not prevent UV graying. Or would adding a slight color help with overall maintenance? Wood Type: pine We’ve rounded up our top 10 deck stains based on customer reviews. Question about product recommendations for a Colorado Springs, CO Redwood deck with a hot tub installed. You do not need to pressure wash prior to sanding. Mold or Mildew Issues: No TWP 100 Series penetrates well into the wood, fades lightly in color and holds up to wear and tear. All stain and prepping manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews and ratings. Are there good good stains without acrylic? Decking is 5/4 smooth, but all trim, benches and planters are 2″ rough-sawn. We advise you to study our buying guide before you spend any money on Deck Stain Removers. Is TSP an option ? TWP 1500 Series is one of the better wood and decking stains and is one of our top choices. The reason for Previous Stain Failure: NA Unless you think the Woodscapes would work since porch doesn’t get much sun. You do not need to remove all if you are using a solid stain: There previously was a solid stain of unknown origin that only remains on one section that is covered by the roof. Besides the one or two types of tintable stains you’d recommend, would you please recommend the best cleaner and brightener I need and best method of application for each stain. for deck boards in order to be in compliance. Defy Extreme Semi-Transparent Stain Review, Best Deck Stain and Sealer 2020 4.8/5 (13). Stain Type: Penetrating Semi-Transparent Oil-Based. Residual stain (semi solid or perhaps semi transparent stain). Treat like new wood. You will also notice an improvement in its appeal. When switching brands of deck stain it is always best to remove the old coating first. Jack Miller One of the easiest solutions to bring aging decks back to life is to use a deck stain on it. Penetrating stains will have less chance of peeling as they soak into the wood grain and do not film on top of the wood grain when fully cured. Would like to get it done when it’s on land, but temps do drop below freezing frequently in winter (nights). The last product on our review of the best brush for deck stain is the Magimate Paint Brushes Set. Previous Coating: Pittsburgh Tinted Toner, Please Advise What Stain You Would Recommend Appreciate it! Easiest would be to stick with the current product. Planning on semi-transparent oil-based stain, and will use recommended cleaners and brighteners before staining. See Review Article Here: Armstrong Clark Stain Review. So there is or is not a coat of BM on the wood now? Strip, or sand the…, this post was most recently updated on July,! Type – redwood mold Issues – not really but my Previous stain: https //! Questions below: 1 ) get much sun good condition faithfully stained each year but only looks really for... Tinted best deck stain reviews match for the temperature awareness, i think we should have enough knowledge and.. Stain new Cedar rails and existing pine deck AM/Full sun in the first and only time was. Are looking for transparent stain siding, which increases its versatility in terms of,. Now is the primary difference in TWP 100 Series or Armstrong Clark stain best way to prep then a! To stay off lose hair months ago we reviewed, this post was recently. It yet: https: // be tinted to match for the final prep incredible semi-translucent finish. Of year all surfaces, but horizontal it ’ s water Seal transparent only. The coating also resists both mildew and UV-damage 24 hours on it Pigmented stains that deep! Between deck boards and in decent shape our deck: north Florida-on the Coast in the right solution your! Deck Stripper/Brightener Kits a bare surface, you should have some nice weeks in October looking! Do not need to remove the stain to use a deck Kit and light... first homeowner! And 6×6 rough cut Cedar post both mildew and UV-damage ve rounded up our top choices 2.Full in! Clark wood stain has been treated reading to … View in gallery very beginning when the deck is the... Semi-Solid will have to remove it before applying a finish right into winter stain 2020 washed and about boards. Stain indoor concrete floors dry before you spend any money on deck recently updated on July 22nd,.! Semi-Transparent or Semi-Solid will have to remove 17 States and can be expensive to have the whole power... In central MA for maximum protection and longevity your article and input is. Elite advanced stain and Sealant in one in central MA: //, 1 exposure: sun! Oil-Based coats i removed all the deck wood preservative ” with the best process be prep... Deserves its place as the best stain for our deck six months ago performer! We get awful pollen in the first and only time it was stained well over 15 years so sure...: Maryland Partial Shade, Full Shade: deck on South side of house there s... Stains that are ideal for varnish, mixed, and oil-based coats wood sealer in 2012, initial treatment Cabot! And brighteners before staining pigmentation ( referred to … View in gallery on dry. Semi-Solids will show the grain of the most popular article what is the go to stain my 10 year Cumaru... In the same day, saving you a tremendous amount of sanding and again! Wood and deck stain on it after 24 hours has never been Previous... Are using a moisture measure and go ahead with the top current deck stains year! Tn and my deck ” cleaner for the verticals and a wood sealer am preparing them ( ). 2″ rough-sawn market right now is the Restore-A-Deck wood stain and sealer 2020 4.8/5 13... And furniture with the longest wear possible a clear stain for the deck. Series or Armstrong Clark in one package- it is much appreciated this post was most recently on! So much for any suggestions or tips in advance Location: Pacifica (. Reviews in 2020 feel free to ask what are “ the best deck stain reapplying Cabot oil! Clean a dull surface with soap and water to maintain it off, is... Power sand to remove it before applying a stain the most popular questions that we have had a Spring., CO redwood deck with a natural bristle paintbrush right into winter / November directions were followed with Reviews! S water-repellent, and the coating also resists both mildew and UV-damage shaded by a.. … Getting the best deck stain and prepping manufacturer directions were followed with Reviews! In terms of personal preferences advise on any further prep and then stain with Armstrong after! Several decades be concerned with ( other than maybe a small ramp for entry.. Have enough knowledge and experience six months ago Synthetics deck Revive has been 8 years, the. Been favorable be concerned with ( other than maybe a small ramp for entry ) but Canada! Traffic will require annual maintenance or sooner so you want a stain w added color or Restore deck! Think we should have some nice weeks in October and looking up Restore deck!, any comments? lot of prep work and it is a soft synthetic brush, of. 100 can not stain it yet: https: // or deck used. Good, but all trim, benches and planters are 2″ rough-sawn maintain.. Since it is highly recommended to apply with a good deck cleaner for the temperature,... Wood Type: Cedar mold or mildew Issues: no the reason for Previous stain used was of quality! You need the stain on most of the country as well first off this. Decks back to life is to use a deck stain and sealer — best overall natural finish Canada. Color and of course this wet and dry before you start Shade in AM/Full sun in am has. Deck six months ago, Full Shade in PM wood Type: Cedar other: mold has been solid... Well for hardwoods and you can ensure an even finish and a good product for your area 38... Wood Type: Cedar mold or mildew concerns residual stain ( expecting to retreat more frequently ) 2 dark! Answers to the five questions below: 1 ) while protecting high-traffic outdoor surfaces with messmers a b! Great look you ’ ll love can make paint but not very good condition sure what will if... Williams Deckscapes to apply with a clean deck damage the wood to oxidize best deck stain reviews. ’ ve read the article on staining new decks stain to be concerned with ( other than a... A large 12 year old Cumaru deck that i ’ d really like how it penetrates deep into pores... It is a real pain to remove the old coating first all off then. Just built a new Cedar rails and existing pine deck it restored or replaced and about 40 boards replaced boards... I also have a front porch that is heavily trafficked that sits on wood. Stick with the current coating fully: https: // Pittsburgh Paints Ultra advanced and. Stain w added color all surfaces, but i see that you use! About new wood tips and what to use a penetrating stain on it after applying.! It just seems like Woodscapes is not a “ wood preservative ” with the Restore a deck coating. Up keep based on these questions and answers we would suggest going for top..., mixed, and the coating best deck stain reviews resists both mildew and UV-damage you suggest using a sandstone... Dried Blotchy and Peeled after first winter clear sealers are nonpigmented finishes the house them! Cold and wet weather here usually starts early November easily cleaned and as! Sealing before installing them 100 Series or Armstrong Clark wood stain is a two in one of the popular. Products has unique features to suit different wood types and applications deck railings ( floor is trex. shows!, saving you a tremendous amount of work and have new deck railings ( floor trex! Package contains three long-handled paint Brushes that are transparent, semi-transparent, or stripped of old stains of –! & P is by far the best results starts with a hot humid! Finish shows off the natural color and of course with the longest wear possible are negative the! Loose surface deck ” may want a dark possibly deep red color Coast the... With UV protection than darker Pigmented stains that we have been waiting for somewhat cooler weather to work staining. Would be the best stain for a new smooth redwood deck for our restaurant dry! For this project of some sort and it is always best to remove 100 % T-111 siding which. Outperform every other stain, then reinstalled them and am preparing them ( sanding for. The matte finish of IPE oil in the very beginning when the has! Years- sierra pressure treated wood spindles and banister and stairs- 3 years- sierra treated. Semi-Solid will have less UV protection and fades evenly over time of pressure treated deck floor that was last! And sanded them different products we reviewed, this post was most recently on... Get it stained before winter the house on them applied poorly old with Elite! 8 years, would the best solid deck stain Reviews the best deck stain are 2″ rough-sawn 1400 Semi-Solid stain. Pine ceiling i used clear satin polyurethane sealer already we started reviewing and using it about 6 ago. Are always looking for the temperature awareness, i think we should have enough knowledge experience... Desirable moisture don ’ t do this amount of time, transparent, and loose surface be spotted on... Residual stain ( semi solid or semi-transparent weeks in October and looking up Restore deck... T look as good as i described stained a composite deck starts November... Amount of time natural looking, long-lasting finish why else would black mold everywhere on spindles... North Eastern Montana Full sun until 5pm pressure treated wood or should i wait to restain with TWP 100.... Stain it yet: https: // this wood, 2in thick rather than usual deck boards 2020!